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Sitting Awareness

Understanding the Impact of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

The Elephant and the Rider

Movement Boundaries and Biomechanical Individuality

Processes vs Protocols

Understanding Pain and How our Nerves Create the Sensations we Feel

The Science of Stretching

Humans Are Resilient

Your Road to Recovery

What To Do When Experiencing a Flare Up

10 Facts About Back Pain

7 Facts About Posture

Dropping the Anchor

Driving in a Storm

Body as a Rule Making Machine

Attention vs Distraction to Pain​

Osteoarthritis Myths

What are Normal Changes of the Spine?​

HRF Flexibility Processes

How IOCH Move Meets and Exceeds International Standards for Treating Pain in Athletes

Are you struggling with a pain or movement problem?

Educational Videos

Sitting Awareness

Improve Neck Bending

Freeing Up Your Hips


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