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Call For Collaborators

At IOCH, we are dedicated to embracing the complexity of an individual's history, biology, psychology, and social factors that inform health outcomes. By considering both the "what" and the "why" of health experiences, we aim to paint a fuller, richer picture. We invite collaborators who resonate with our philosophy. 

Why Partner with IOCH?

  • Engage with a forward-thinking community rooted in functional contextualist principles.
  • Access shared resources, data, and research that emphasize context.
  • Co-create projects and initiatives that align with this comprehensive approach to health.
  • Contribute to a richer, multi-dimensional discourse on health.

Opportunities for Collaboration:

  • Research Partners - Join us in multidimensional studies that delve into the interplay between health and its contextual functions.
  • Tech Innovators - Collaborate on tools that capture and interpret health data within its lived context, providing actionable insights.
  • Educators & Advocates - Help disseminate the principles of functional contextualism in health, enriching educational curricula and public understanding.

Steps to Collaboration:

  • Reach Out: Share your background and your interest in functional contextualism.
  • Dialogue: Let's discuss how we can synergize our efforts and further the understanding of health in context.
  • Forge Ahead: Collaboratively, let's shape the future narrative of health, contextualized.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with us is an excellent way to contribute your skills, time, and energy to support our research and educational initiatives. Whether you are a researcher, student, or advocate, we have various volunteering opportunities available to suit your interests and expertise. Some areas where you can make a difference include:

Research Assistance

Assist our research teams with data collection, analysis, and literature reviews.


Support our fundraising efforts to secure resources for research projects and initiatives.

Community Outreach

Get involved in outreach programs aimed at increasing awareness & access to health-related resources.

Content Creation

Contribute to our blog and social media platforms to share valuable insights and updates with our community.

Event Coordination

Help us organize and coordinate workshops, symposiums, and events that promote contextual human health.

Translation Services

Help translate research findings and educational materials to ensure accessibility to diverse communities.

For Students: Internship and Job Shadowing Opportunities

Are you a student interested in advancing your career with practical experience in an innovative organization?

We offer a range of internship and job shadowing opportunities across research, technology, education, and clinical services. Join us to gain valuable insights and hands-on experience in a forward-thinking environment that is reshaping the landscape of healthcare. Discover how you can contribute to our mission of transforming patient care and health outcomes.

Reasons to Support Us

Learn More About Our Mission, Impact, and Programs

Mission and Vision

Learn what drives us by diving into our mission and vision to see how we're committed to transforming healthcare with the Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF), aiming for a future where optimal health and wellness are accessible to all.

Our Impact

Explore how our unwavering dedication is actively making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities, consistently pushing the boundaries of personalized health.

Our Programs

Discover our comprehensive programs that equip professionals and individuals with advanced knowledge and skills. Engage in the research and training that merges cutting-edge science with practical application, promoting a transformative approach to care.


If you are passionate about contextual human health and aspire to work in an educational, research, or clinical environment dedicated to making a positive impact, we welcome you to explore our career opportunities. At the Institute of Contextual Health, we value collaboration, creativity, and a commitment to excellence. Consider exploring our career page to discover the opportunities available and see how you can contribute to our mission at IOCH.

Contact Us

Please contact us for any questions or assistance, and one of our specialists will reach out to you soon. We value your support in advancing contextual human health and wellness and are eager to share the impact of your involvement. Thank you for helping us improve lives and communities through our research and education initiatives. Together, we’re creating a healthier, more resilient world.