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**A recent review of over 55,000 research studies identify psychological flexibility the single most effective factor in improving all aspects of performance, quality of life, and success. 2

1.) Kashdan TB, Rottenberg J. Psychological flexibility as a fundamental aspect of health. Clinical psychology review.2010;30(7):865-878.

2.) Hayes SC, Ciarrochi J, Hofmann SG, Chin F, Sahdra B. Evolving an idionomic approach to processes of change: Towards a unified personalized science of human improvement. Behav Res Ther. Sep 2022;156:104155. doi:10.1016/j.brat.2022.104155

Our Clinical Outcomes

The average client we see at our office has seen 6 other providers prior to seeking our services. As a result, we hold ourselves to a higher standard by carefully measuring the outcomes of our care plans. Our team extensively evaluates the progress of our clients across multiple areas of life ranging from functional outcomes (such as daily life activities, work, and/or sport), to satisfaction, and to measures of psychological flexibility skills that we teach at IOCH.

Psychological flexibility is a skill that helps individuals’ function at their highest level by remaining present in the moment, even with difficult bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts. At the same time, it allows a person to act based on the current situation and in support of their personal values. This helps with adapting to fluctuating situational demands, reconfiguring mental resources, shifting perspective, and balancing competing desires, needs, and life requirements. Psychological flexibility has been shown to impact more health factors than any other factor previously studied.1,2

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