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OUR Approach

IOCH was founded to inspire hope and promote growth.

Over a quarter of the United States struggles with frequent pain and movement difficulty. Traditional approaches to improving movement and treating pain have focused primarily on the musculoskeletal system and biomechanics.

While these are important components, they are a very small part of the larger issues with movement and pain problems and may have contributed to limited effectiveness in current treatment models and continued growth of people struggling with pain and movement problems.

Advances in science on movement and pain have shown that it is impossible to separate our thinking, feeling, and our life from these challenges.

At IOCH, we recognize that you are more than just a body part and your treatment should reflect that. Our practice model is built entirely on the Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF).  The HRF is the WORLD’S FIRST process-based approach to rehabilitation rooted in a Biopsychosocial Model. It was developed in collaboration with an international team of pain and movement experts integrating the most advanced strategies in pain science, rehabilitation, behavior science, and psychological flexibility training.

By adhering to this framework, we have helped many clients and patients overcome challenges that have ranged from mild to complex when they have had no success with prior treatments. Whether you have a new problem with pain, or movement, or have been struggling for many years, IOCH is here for you.

Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF)

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