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Movement and Wellness

Improve your quality of movement for fitness, enhanced performance, or just a sense of improved wellbeing. We teach our clients movements and exercises built around their unique anatomy, health history, body behavior, likes/dislikes, values, and goals.

Interested in learning more? Schedule an Insight session. In your Insight session, we will explore your Biopsychosocial profile through our advanced process-based Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF) to develop a plan based on your unique needs.

Insight Session

In our Insight Sessions, one of our movement and pain specialists will learn about your history, evaluate how your body is built and moves, and take an inventory of your values and goals to build a customized plan for improving your movement and wellness. Based on your Insight Session, we will build a package unique to you that includes movement and wellness coaching as well as hands-on neural calming and body awareness.

Sessions may range from strength and conditioning to mindful movement and align with your values and goals.

Our approach to hands-on techniques (commonly known as manual therapy) lets the client determine what approach feels best for them. We may use techniques you are familiar with such as mobilization, manipulation, and soft tissue work (such as massage or myofascial release) and we’ll also give you an updated understanding of the reasons they may be helpful to you based in modern science.

The key message is none of these are required for health or recovery, but they may be helpful, and YOU are in charge. You are not broken and do not need to be fixed or aligned, but hands-on techniques may feel good and help you learn more about your body to help you move better. Currently, we provide two different styles of hands-on sessions:

Simple Contact – These sessions are based on discussion with you regarding what type of hands-on contact feels good to you. Some people prefer firm contact, some light contact, some prefer hands on that are more felt in the joints. We can provide suggestions, but you decide, you are in control.

Body Awareness – These sessions involve hands-on education to learn more about the resting tension and regional behavior of your body. These may include mobilization or manipulation techniques if you find these helpful. Often there are more verbal discussions in these sessions because the emphasis is placed on learning about your body to help you better understand it and your own movement.

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