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The Institute of Contextual Health (IOCH) is a pioneering non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to revolutionizing the way we understand and address movement and pain problems. By integrating the latest scientific research with innovative technology, IOCH aims to provide comprehensive, individualized care that considers the biological, psychological, and social factors affecting health. With a focus on serving stigmatized underserved chronic pain populations, IOCH is committed to advancing health equity and improving outcomes for all. 

At IOCH, we recognize that true understanding of health goes beyond symptoms, diagnoses, or labels.  We understand that individual health paths can be very different, even in similar situations. Because of this, we make sure our strategies are personalized to fit each person’s unique needs. Our mission is to advance the study and application of contextual human health, creating innovative, tailored solutions that connect with real lives and real needs. Together, we are forging a path to a future that embraces health as a multifaceted and individualized experience. Join us in this exciting exploration of a more empathetic and comprehensive approach to human well-being. 

Transforming Health

Explore how the Institute of Contextual Health (IOCH) is combining cutting-edge science with personalized care to revolutionize healthcare.

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Clients Served Through a Biopsychosocial Approach

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Clients on Medicaid & Socioeconomically Disadvantaged

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Hours of Biopsychosocially Informed Coursework Developed

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Lectures Presented at State, National, & International Level


Clients are successfully and safely discontinuing the use of opioids and are reducing overall dependence on medications.


Clients are empowered to access vital mental health support and services, fostering personal and community well-being.


Clients are passing on skills they learn to their children, students, and those providing care, fostering a cycle of learning and growth.


Clients are sharing their experiences and how the Institute of Contextual Health's approach has changed their lives.

Join Us

We invite passionate individuals who share our vision of advancing contextual human health to join us in making a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide.


Our Work

Your generous contribution will play a crucial role in advancing our mission. IOCH is committed to creating a healthier world where everyone, regardless of their background, can access customized, top-quality health solutions. Together, we can create a healthier and more empowered world for everyone.