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About us

Welcome to the Institute of Contextual Health (IOCH), an independent, nonprofit, science and technology research and development, and educational organization committed to a functional contextual perspective on human health. 

At IOCH, we recognize that true understanding of health goes beyond symptoms, diagnoses, or labels. Guided by the philosophy of functional contextualism, we explore the multilevel and interrelated complex relationships that shape health, well-being, and performance. Our mission is to advance the study and application of contextual human health, creating innovative, tailored solutions that connect with real lives and real needs. Together, we are forging a path to a future that embraces health as a multifaceted and individualized experience. Join us in this exciting exploration of a more empathetic and comprehensive approach to human well-being. 

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The Science

Exploring Contextual Human Health

Our commitment to scientific rigor through functional contextualism drives our pursuit of evidence-based solutions for addressing complex human problems.

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We invite passionate individuals who share our vision of advancing contextual human health to join us in making a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide.


Our Work

Your generous contribution will play a crucial role in advancing our mission to promote human health, wellness, and performance through cutting-edge research and educational initiatives. Together, we can create a healthier and more empowered world for everyone.