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Dive into our extensive collection of HRF documents, including the in-depth White Paper, which illuminate the intricacies of a biopsychosocial, process-based approach (PBA) to rehabilitation and human health.

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Discover highlights and key learnings from our Past Events archive, showcasing the evolution and application of the Human Rehabilitation Framework through engaging workshops, courses, seminars, and discussions.

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Explore our curated selection of research articles to gain deeper insights into the latest scientific advancements and evidence supporting the Human Rehabilitation Framework.

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Introducing the Human Rehabilitation Framework

Introducing the Human Rehabilitation Framework

Rehabilitation has undergone a major transformation in the last few decades, and it can be challenging to see the bigger picture and provide evidence-based care. Often, research doesn’t match the specific needs of the patient, leading to pressure to rely on popular techniques in one’s profession instead. Despite the fact…

Stepping Back Part III

Stepping Back Part III

SPINAL DEGENERATION SOUNDS SCARY BUT IT’S JUST A TECHNICAL WORD FOR NORMAL AGING! The spine begins to undergo completely normal, age-related changes at around age 13, and by our 40’s, our spine has already gone through a LOT of changes that we may not even be aware of. Normal age-related…

Stepping Back Part II

Stepping Back Part II

In Part I of this series, I discussed the limitations that exist with our current beliefs and theories we hold when it comes to dealing with pain. For most of us, this involves having theories rooted in a mechanistic worldview believing that our bodies are like a machine and can be fixed…

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The Process-Based Specialist in Movement and Pain (PSMP) is a certification program that was created to help clinicians develop competence, critical thinking, and comfort in the use of a biopsychosocial process-based framework called the Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF).


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