Board of Directors

Board of Directors

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Cameron Faller


Justin Borman


Advisory Board

The Institute of Contextual Health (IOCH) is proud to announce its Advisory Board, comprised of esteemed experts from diverse fields. Their combined expertise will guide IOCH in achieving its mission through innovative research, education, and technology development. 

Gordon Alderink, PT, PhD: Bringing decades of experience in clinical practice, education, and research, Dr. Alderink’s expertise in orthopedic and sports physical therapy, gait analysis, and biomechanics will be invaluable in guiding IOCH’s research and clinical programs. 

Eddie O’Connor, PhD, CMPC: As a clinical and sport/performance psychologist, Dr. O’Connor’s extensive experience in chronic pain management and performance psychology will enrich IOCH’s approach to psychological flexibility and patient care. 

Steve Reynolds, JD: A partner specializing in business technology and intellectual property law, Mr. Reynolds will provide crucial guidance on legal and ethical considerations for IOCH’s technological innovations and intellectual property strategies. 

Michael Distler, MD: With a background in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Distler’s clinical insights will support IOCH’s development of rehabilitation strategies and clinical interventions for chronic pain and movement problems. 

Bronnie Lennox Thompson, PhD, MSc, Dip OT: A researcher and educator specializing in living well with chronic pain, Dr. Thompson’s focus on psychosocial factors, coping, and resilience will inform IOCH’s holistic approach to patient care. 

Janet Downey, PT (Retired): A pediatric physical therapy specialist with a long-standing commitment to pain management, Ms. Downey’s experience will enhance IOCH’s focus on pediatric pain issues and family impact. 

Diane Jacobs, PT (Retired): With fifty years of clinical experience focused on pain science and manual therapy, Ms. Jacobs will offer valuable perspectives on non-invasive treatment methods and patient education. 

Jodette Rose, Ed.D, MSW, CPC: Dr. Rose’s expertise in social work, mental health research, and leadership will provide critical insights into the cultural and social aspects of pain management and treatment efficacy. 

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