How IOCH Move Meets and Exceeds International Standards for Treating Pain in Athletes

When it comes to treating pain in athletes, the world-wide consensus is that we are not treating it appropriately with the current healthcare model.

Organizations ranging from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and US Military have put out official statements that athletes in pain, in particular elite athletes, should be treated by sports medicine clinicians who have a thorough understanding of the Biopsychosocial Model. Specific to physical therapy, the IOC recommends that physical therapists who treat athletes should be trained to “identify and address inaccurate conceptualisations of pain and injury plus psychosocial and contextual influences on pain” and be able to educate “the athlete regarding the role of the central nervous system in pain, especially in chronic pain“.

The HRF stands as a notable advancement in the field of rehabilitation, embodying a scientifically sound, coherent, and individual-centered approach to clinical decision making and treatment. It prompts a transdisciplinary and transdiagnostic approach to tackling physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems in human functioning, marking a new era in rehabilitation.

IOCH meets, and exceeds, international standards for the treatment of pain in athletes.

Our Movement and Pain Specialists are trained in the current science of pain and movement, as well as, education and treatment strategies related to this knowledge. In addition, our facility is fully equipped to provide the appropriate physical stresses needed for athletes to meet the demands of their sport.

Learn more about what the International Olympic Committee and US Military expects of sports medicine clinicians below.

IOC CONSENSUS STATEMENT                                          COMPREHENSIVE POLICY

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