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Jennifer's Story

“I have been through traditional physical therapy in the past for my shoulder, neck, back, and knees. A friend recommended [IOCH] as having a different approach to addressing pain and injury and when my doctor ordered another round of PT, I thought I would give [IOCH] a try.

It wasn’t what I expected in so many ways. Rather than giving me a set of exercises to do at each session like I had experienced in the past, they began by educating me in how the body and brain responds/perceives pain. They worked with me to become more aware of how I moved and how my body was responding to the new patterns as well as old habits. They showed me how making subtle changes in movement, and even thought patterns, could have a profound effect on my daily activities in the management and mitigation of pain and other symptoms. This has given me more confidence and ownership in my daily journey.

Am I pain free? Not always. But now I have many more tools with which to move forward in a positive direction and with the help of these PT sessions, I have found myself with more confidence in managing and easing my pain level, reduced fear of re-injury, being more aware of my body, posture, and movement, and taking more ownership of my life, and for that, I am truly grateful.” 

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