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Lisa & Paul's Story

“We wanted to give Leonard a huge THANK YOU for getting our daughter Kyra back up to speed so quickly this summer.

Kyra developed acute patellar tendinitis early in the summer after an intense week of high school basketball conditioning and camps. She was barely able to run up and down the court.

We were very worried, as this summer was the most important summer for her college basketball recruiting that she will ever have. Kyra needed to be at the top of her game.

Leonard’s therapy had Kyra feeling better much better, even after the first visit. She recovered quickly with his therapy and exercise recommendations and learned where to put kinetic tape if she needed it.

He assured her that the pain she was feeling when she played a lot of basketball was more of a defense mechanism than actually something wrong with her knees, so she knew she could play through it when she had to. Kyra had a terrific showing this summer and could not have played any better. 

We are happy to report she is very busy talking to college coaches and scheduling visits. Thanks so much Leonard!”

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Lisa and Paul's Story

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