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Lori's Story

“With my first appointment with Leonard I was able to get some sustained pain relief.

I was also educated on what was going on with me. What my nerves, brain, were doing. This was done in a scientific, physiological and evidence-based manner. Which as a nurse was about the only thing that would get through the miasma of the physical and emotional pain I was in.

To find the words to describe how I felt after one visit is just not possible, let’s just say I finally wanted to live again.

Without the education provided by Leonard, I simply would have thought I was crazy and I would have been without hope of ever getting better. With the education that Leonard provided me with, now I know I will gain my health back and I finally believe I will get my life back.

No matter where my professional life takes me, I will use this knowledge to continue learning about this new and fascinating world of cutting edge knowledge in the field of pain. 

I will find a way to help people in similar situations as I find myself in.” 

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Lori's Story

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