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Challenging Movement Rules with Dr. Cameron Faller | Barbell Rehab

Dr. Cameron Faller joins host Ben Geierman on the Barbell Rehab Podcast to discuss the complexities of helping humans make positive changes & explore options in their movement repertoire. Cameron discusses how his team is pioneering a movement towards a process centered approach to redefine care through a truly biopsychosocial lens. We explore behavior change, values and how rigid rules might handcuff our ability to find movement solutions

Podcast Length: 33 Min

Redefining Rehabilitation: A Deep Dive into the Human Rehabilitation Framework with Dr. Leonard Van Gelder | Modern Pain Care

Dive into an eye-opening discussion on the Modern Pain Care podcast with Leonard Van Gelder. From his academic roots to founding Dynamic Movement and Recovery, Leonard challenges traditional models and introduces his innovative Human Rehabilitation Framework. Explore the limitations of the biopsychosocial framework and discover how Leonard’s approach offers a process-based, individualized alternative. 

Podcast Length: 66 Min

A Process-Based Approach for Truly Person-Centered Care with Dr. Cameron Faller | The Be Strong Physio Podcast

Tune in as Cameron explores the constraints of current evidence-based methods with Geoff Ford on the Be Strong Physio Podcast. Their conversation covers the transition to process-based therapy, critiquing the biomedical model’s limited scope and promoting a broader, more integrated approach to treatment. 

Podcast Length: 64 Min

Dr. Cameron Faller - Confident Ambiguity | The Knowledge Exchange​

Join Cameron on the Knowledge Exchange Podcast, where he addresses the critical discrepancies between what clinicians say and what they actually practice. This discussion explores the Dunning-Kruger effect, the pitfalls of nihilism, and the advantages of ACT and Process-Based Therapy. Cameron delves into practical applications of psychological flexibility in the clinic, addresses common misconceptions, and offers strategies for effectively navigating discussions with colleagues.

Podcast Length: 61 Min

Dr. Leonard Van Gelder - Process-Based Rehab | The Knowledge Exchange

Dive into a thought-provoking conversation on the Knowledge Exchange, where Leonard discusses shifting from rigid protocols towards embracing uncertainty with clarity and confidence. This episode delves into the processes of change applicable across all diagnoses, the significance of aligning context with interventions and narratives, and strategies to enhance self-efficacy while reducing reliance on passive interventions.

Podcast Length: 65 Min

Psychological Flexibility and Relational Frame Theory with Dr. Leonard Van Gelder | Pain Reframed

Join Liz and Jeff on Pain Reframed as they engage with Dr. Leonard Van Gelder, DPT, CSCS, TPS, CSMT. This insightful discussion covers the fundamentals of Relational Frame Theory, the most empirically-studied theory of human language and cognition. They explore its impact on psychological flexibility, enhancing patients’ ability to integrate new concepts into their narratives, and its implications for recovery prognosis.

Podcast Length: 26 Min

Treating patients with chronic pain, remembering your 'why' as a PT - Dr. Cameron Faller | All Things Physical Therapy

In this engaging episode of the All Things Physical Therapy Podcast, Cameron joins host DPT Steph to explore the complexities and triumphs of treating chronic pain. They delve into the motivations that drive physical therapists and discuss innovative strategies for patient care.

Podcast Length: 34 Min

Professional Blog

Introducing the Human Rehabilitation Framework

Introducing the Human Rehabilitation Framework

Rehabilitation has undergone a major transformation in the last few decades, and it can be challenging to see the bigger picture and provide evidence-based care. Often, research doesn’t match the specific needs of the patient, leading to pressure to rely on popular techniques in one’s profession instead. Despite the fact…

Stepping Back Part III

Stepping Back Part III

SPINAL DEGENERATION SOUNDS SCARY BUT IT’S JUST A TECHNICAL WORD FOR NORMAL AGING! The spine begins to undergo completely normal, age-related changes at around age 13, and by our 40’s, our spine has already gone through a LOT of changes that we may not even be aware of. Normal age-related…

Stepping Back Part II

Stepping Back Part II

In Part I of this series, I discussed the limitations that exist with our current beliefs and theories we hold when it comes to dealing with pain. For most of us, this involves having theories rooted in a mechanistic worldview believing that our bodies are like a machine and can be fixed…

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