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Introducing the Human Rehabilitation Framework

Stepping Back Part III

Stepping Back Part II

Stepping Back Part I

How to tell the difference between fairytale/snake oil science and good human science?

Human Movement Deserves Better!

Process-Based Rehabilitation – The Way Forward

Relational Frame Theory and the Movement & Rehabilitation Professional

Coherence (Part 4 of 4): Bringing worldviews into practice

Coherence (Part 3 of 4): Drawing lines in the sand

Coherence (Part 2 of 4): Something isn’t right!

Coherence (Part 1 of 4): What is the sense of all this?

Guest Post – Ben Geierman PSMMT Review and Clinic Observations

A Plea to Everyone Who Works as a Movement Professional

Tales from the Coal Mine – Technical Art

Biopsychosocial Role of Manual Therapy – Moving Beyond Symptom Modification

Triggers of Acute Low Back Pain

Education vs Symptom Based Modification for Chronic Low Back Pain

Finding Ease Part 2 – Sitting

Finding Ease Part 1 – Making Peace with Posture and Pain

There and Back Again

Confident Ambiguity

Are you struggling with a pain or movement problem?

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The Process-Based Specialist in Movement and Pain (PSMP) is a certification program that was created to help clinicians develop competence, critical thinking, and comfort in the use of a biopsychosocial process-based framework called the Human Rehabilitation Framework (HRF).


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